Ottawa Revue, RBC Bluesfest Revue, The Revue — May 22, 2014 at 12:00 pm

RBC Bluesfest Revue: Amos the Transparent


Like with anything in life, the more time you invest into something, the better you become at it and the more you are able to master your craft. Such is the case with Amos the Transparent, the brainchild of Jonathan Chandler and one of Ottawa’s most beloved bands.

In the eight years since the band was formed, Amos the Transparent has constantly changed and evolved – from the composition of the band to the music they write, much like Canadian indie legends Broken Social Scene. The addition of new members and guest appearances – such as by Stars co-bandleader and former BSS member Amy Millan – have helped keep Amos the Transparent’s sound fresh and rewarding for fans. Their last album, Goodnight, My Dear… I’m Falling Apart, is atmospheric indie folk-rock at its finest – think Brooklyn-based Woods meets The Great Lake Swimmers.

When they take the stage at Bluesfest, it will mark another new chapter for the band, as they are expected to be armed with new material. And much like a young person leaving home, Chandler, drummer and his close friend and collaborator Chris Wilson, Olenka Reshitnyk, Dan Hay, James Nicol, and Mike Yates have decided to independently produce their fifth album overall and third long player. Over the past few months, they have been raising funds through PledgeMusic to help them produce their next album. And while the band has raised all the funds necessary, and then some, for the record, fans can continue to donate and receive the entire Amos the Transparent discography with a $15 donation. That’s an extremely worthwhile investment!

Their new album will be released this fall. They will christen The Blacksheep Inn Stage on opening night, performing at 7:00 on Thursday, July 3 (time and stage subject to change).

If you cannot wait that long to hear what’s in store, they will be performing on this Friday night (tomorrow) during Ottawa Race Weekend, one of the acts performing at the Dragon Boat Festival on June 21, and then again at Walter Baker Park in Kanata on Canada Day. Catch this dynamic band this summer and simply be awed.

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  1. I was also there for their CHEO Fundraiser event at Herb Garden, and it was amazing! What a fantastic location, atmosphere, and best of all the music the band created.

    I am in love with their new, soon to be dropped album. I am a new fan who has only heard their music off the website, so I was extremely impressed with their live performance. I kept thinking to myself ” this song should be on the radio, MANY people need to hear it” during every song.

    I tend to focus on the singing, and there were gorgeous harmonies. All of the band members were singing, even when they didn’t have a mic in front of them. That kind of passion makes me believe they really mean it.

    I love that one of the band members is a cellist. It is great to see a guitar player using a bow too!

    Can’t wait to see them live again!

  2. I was fortunate enough to get a “preview”of said “new material” at their CHEO fundraiser at the Herb Garden near Almonte this past weekend. It was everything an Amos the Transparent fan could hope for IMHO.

    Very much looking forward to catching them again at some of the numerous Ottawa events they’re lined up to play this summer.

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