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The Matinee August 21


Happy Friday! We have six new tracks today on the Matinee August 21. We hope these new tracks get your last work day of the week started off right. Today truly is a world wide playlist with only two coming from the US.


Big Tooth (London, UK) – “Annie”

Big Tooth are a London-based band we covered back in March of this year and they are back with a new track titled “Annie Girl”.  The previous duo have now grown into a five-piece band and “Annie Girl” is a stellar track that starts off acoustic based and builds into a nice harmonious alt rock track. It is actually a quite beautiful love song. Big Tooth are now comprised of George Crossland, Joe Weightman, Adam Blake, Patrick Hann & Tom Blake.

Big Tooth have recently released their second EP which is titled Big Tooth EP 2. “Annie Girl’ is a brand new track just posted yesterday so there must be new music in the works for Big Tooth. If you dig “Annie Girl”, check them out on all their social media channels.

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Buffalo Sunn (Dublin, Ireland) – “Told You So”

Buffalo Sunn incorporates sounds from the 60s, right up to the present day, mixing big reverb-laden harmonies with carefully placed guitars. “Told You So” was produced by Pat McCarthy (US, Counting Grows, R.E.M.) and has a nice mainstream arena sounding rock sound.

Buffalo Sunn is comprise of Daniel Paxton (guitar, lead vocals), Conor Paxton (bass and pedal steel guitar), Donagh O’Brien (drums), Patric McHugh (guitar and backing vocals) and Neil Paxton (keys and backing vocals).

“Told You So” is off of their recently released LP By the Ocean by the Sea which is a nice offering of catchy sing along alt rock. Buffalo Sunn is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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Doctor Goddard (Sydney, Australia) – “Without Love”

We immediately heard “Without Love” and knew we had to share this track. Doctor Goddard is a pretty awesome trio from Sydney comprised of Mikael Sandström, Nicholas Sandström and Chris Seaman. The trio formed in 2013 and released their debut EP in 2014. This band is like The Doors meets Tame Impala. “Without Love” is a stellar track and they are gaining momentum from their hometown of Sydney but will easily gain attention and fans outside of their hometown. The single officially drops September 4th via Pavement Records, which is managed by A&R Department.

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Mackenzie Thoms (Los Angeles, USA) – “Conviction”

Originally from Edmonds, Washington and now based in Los Angeles, Mackenzie Thoms has released his debut single “Conviction”. The ballad has smooth R&B melodies set against driving, electronic beats. This is a great first showing for this up-and-coming troubadour.

Thoms shared a bit about the single: “I want to share my experience and be transparent to the world. With the highs and lows that I sincerely go through in this song. I just hope that people can relate and feel those moments and emotions with me.”

to be released by South by Sea Music.

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Octobers (Kamloops, Canada) – “Misfits”

Octobers are an indie pop/rock band from Canada who actually identify with West Coast rock. They just recently released their Misfits EP earlier this month and this is the title track we are sharing. Octobers are a cross of post punk and pop which is evident in their upbeat single “Misfits”. It’s a mix between fellow Canadian rockers Arkells and Young the Giant. Octobers is comprised of Randy Gill, Liam Rhynolds and Nick and Joel Ellsay.

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Plant Eater (Portland, USA) – “Where the Forest Meets The Sea”

“Where the Forest Meets The Sea” is a dreamy sonic gem with hints of psych and shoegaze – a cool lushness that breezes with tinges of psychedelic pop and surf pop. It’s a great track to add to any weekend chill playlist.

Plant Eater released a self titled EP last year and they are currently working on new sounds. We are looking forward to hearing their upcoming tracks.

Plant Eater are Jeremiah Petersen (guitar, bass, piano, and drums); Gabby Holt (vocals, melody, lyrics); Daniel Riddle (synth, drums); and Jon Riggie (drums).

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