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Rendition: Remixes by Lane 8, LEFTI, and Lorne Chance


Today’s Rendition has is much more livelier than the previous ones we’ve featured. As oppose to focusing on ambient remixes, the tracks are more house and club oriented. Hear remixes by Lane 8, LEFTI, and Lorne Chance below. As always, we’ve also included the original song if available for you to compare.


Maribou State – “Wallflower” (Lane 8 Remix)


Earlier this year, Maribou State released their brilliant debut album, Portraits, that so far is among the best albums of the year. Around the same time, producer Lane 8 was getting ready to release his own debut album Rise, which had some comparing the young producer to giants ODESZA. One listen to his remix of Maribou State’s ambient gem “Wallflower” demonstrates why such comparisons are being made. He’s transformed the ambient track into a trance-infused, house track while retaining the lush vibe of the original. Be transfixed while you dance to this great rendition.

Lane 8’s Rise is available now via Anjunadeep, and it features guest performances by Matthew Dear, Solomon Grey, and Lulu James. Get it at iTunes and Amazon.

Maribou State’s Portraits is available via Counter Records, and it can be purchased at Ninja Tune, iTunes (UK / US / CAN), and Amazon (UK / US / CAN).


Lane 8Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Maribou StateWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Gallant – “Weight in Gold” (LEFTI remix)


There’s a new wave of R&B artists arriving on the scene, and one of the biggest online sensations is Los Angeles resident Christopher Gallant who goes solely by Gallant. His music is smooth and sultry, pulsating and refreshing, moving the genre into new directions much like what Prince did back in the late ’70s and early ’80s and what Frank Ocean and The Weeknd are currently doing. His latest single, “Weight in Gold”, has nearly 2 million plays on SoundCloud alone and rightfully so – it’s a brilliant track.

Producer Alexander Suarez – a.k.a. LEFTI – has transformed the spine-tingling track into an upbeat, dance tune that echos of ’80s dance music. Gallant’s vocals are given a slight touch up and looped throughout the track while the melody has been completely altered into a club-friendly, dance vibe. I’m reminded of my younger days when Michael Jackson and Babyface were being remixed.


LEFTIWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

GallantWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Danny Darko ft. Julien Kelland – “Hurricane” (Lorne Chance Remix)


Danny Darko and his label Oryx Music held a contest recently, asking people to send their remixes of  “Hurricane”, his sultry collaboration with 16-year singer Julien Kelland, who hails from Uxbridge, Ontario. Nine hundred eighty (980) entries were submitted, and the winner was Alessandro Marazzi, an Italian guitarist and producer who goes by the moniker Lorne Chance. Marazzi has raised the treble and accentuated Kelland’s vocals while adding a great flute complement and, of course, a house groove and beats. He’s transformed this electro-pop song into a track that stands alongside Milky Chance’s multi-genre music. We should be hearing more from Marazzi in the future. Congratulations on a job well done!

Credit goes to Wendy for suggesting this track.


Lorne ChanceFacebook | Twitter

Danny DarkoWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Julien KellandWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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