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The Matinee October 2


Today’s Matinee for October 2 features 6 new tracks to kick off your weekend. We have a few tracks from the Britain and the rest coming from the US. We hope you find some new music today. Have a great weekend.



Brothertiger (USA) – “Wake”

Brothertiger is John Jagos and he has a new single titled “Wake”. This track is off of his upcoming full length album Out of Touch. The release is currently slated for December 4th but might possibly be earlier so stay tuned. Brothertiger is creating some smooth and mesmerizing electronic based indie pop. The Brooklyn based artist will fittingly be supporting JR JR later this month. Stay tuned for more tracks and his upcoming album. Tour dates are available here.

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Calan Mai (Australia / England) “Mountain Mountain”

Australian singer-songwriter Calan Mai has a lush new folk-tronic ballad “Mountain Mountain”. Mai is now based in Manchester and the single was recorded over three months at his home. The track features vocals by friend and Singaporean artist Linying. The track touches you emotionally and adds elements that does cross between folk and electronic. We look forward to hearing more from Calan Mai. “Mountain Mountain” is his follow up to his debut EP Days on the Rock Face.

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Coquin Migale (England) – “Luv”

Coquin Migale have a brand new track. They have had a few lineup changes and the result is actually quite awesome. It melds the best of Soper’s sweet and high vocals with a true rock base. There is some really standout guitar work in this track. We look forward to hearing more from this Newcastle based band. The line up is now comprised of Alex Soper (Guitar & Vocals), Stevie Kane (Bass), Josh Holmes (Drums) and Jack Brooks (Guitar). The single is being released by End of the Trail Records.

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Mobley (USA) – “The New Black”

Austin based Mobley has finally put their single “The New Black” on SoundCloud from their Young Adult Fiction release. The band is great indie rock band creating rock with a blues/. They have a new website and according to their Facebook page, new things to come including videos. We look forward to more from this talented band. They will be touring in October. You can check out tour dates here, and purchase merch and cd’s here.

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Sykoya (England) – “Closer”

Sykoya will be releasing their debut EP titled Here in early 2016. The London based band is comprised of Anna Marcella (Lead Vocals/Keys), Alejandro Bonatto (Synth), Eduardo Leal (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Curtis ElVidge (drums). The band reminds of London Grammar but with more of an edge. “Closer” is brooding, a bit dark yet upbeat in certain parts and definitely holds your attention.”Closer” will be released on November 19th. We look forward to hearing more Sykoya and they can easily plant themselves in the forefront of the indie-electronic/dream pop scene.

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WOOF (USA) – “Nothing To Say”

New Jersey-based WOOF never seems to disappoint. If you just peruse his soundcloud page, you will find a plethora of solid tracks. The Beck-like one man band just keeps churning out intriguing experimental tunes. With “Nothing To Say” there is reverb, keys, heavy basslines and synth to create a pretty awesome track. If you don’t already know WOOF, you should. Go follow him and we expect more great things from WOOF, aka Kelan Bonisklawski.

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