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Matinee – October 9


On our Matinee for October 9, we have five new tracks for your last day of the week. We hope you enjoy our diverse list which includes folk, electro pop, singer-songwriter, rock and indie pop. Happy Friday!

Archy Stranger – “Fundamentalism” (Melbourne, Australia)

Archy Stranger is a producer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. His style includes making wonky pop tunes with a laid back vibe. “Fundamentalism” is laid back with nice vocals and driving beats. The finished product is a nice mix of pop and electronic influences for a catchy sound.

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Gun Outfit – “Worldly Way” (Los Angeles, USA)

Gun Outfit is about to release Dream All Over on October 16th and “Worldly Way” is another track from the upcoming album. The LA based band is creating introspective lyrics with this track including “Oh World, what knowledge do you teach? ? To grow a tail and chase it or site awhile in grief”. We look forward to hearing more from Gun Outfit and their debut release on Paradise of Bachelors.

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The Jaguar Club – “The Last of Night” (Brooklyn, USA)

The Jaguar Club reminds a bit of Band of Horses, but has that 80s Tears for Fears like vibe which makes them pretty great. “The Last Of Night” is their newest single and the Brooklyn, NYC /Beverly, MA band have been creating awesome tunes since 2006. The band is comprised of William Popadic (vocals & guitar) and Yoichiro Fujita (bass & vocals) along side new additions Nadia Brittingham (keys, guitar & vocals), Gavin Dunaway (guitar) and Patrick Eager (drums).We look forward to hearing more from this talented band.

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Paris Carney – “Riot” (Los Angeles, USA)

Paris Carney is an LA based indie pop artist and she has released the track “Riot”. It speaks to her personal battle against depression and anxiety with lyrics including “I’ve always been my own worst enemy, criticizing every part of me” which I can personally relate to. We look forward to hearing more from Carney, and we love her description on her Facebook page: If Ella Fitzgerald and Joni Mitchell had a baby raised by Andre 3000 + a laptop.

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Unnveig Aas – “Run” (Oslo, Norway)

Unnveig Aas is a lovely Norwegian folk artist and she has a new track titled “Run”. It’s a lamenting love song about someone you are with that you know loves someone else. She is a talented songwriter and vocalist and we love hearing new material from her.

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