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The Matinee February 10th


The Matinee February 10th includes 6 new tracks for this humpday. We have a mix of great indie rock, singer-songwriter, surf inspired rock, r&b, and electropop. We have two artists from the UK and the rest across the US. If you have found a track you like, be sure to visit the artist’s page and share with a friend.

Cape Cub – “Closer” (North East, UK)

Cape Cub - "Closer"

Cape Cub is from the UK, and we shared his track “Swim” back in May of this year. “Closer” is a lush and melodic track which frames Chad Male’s vocals beautifully. The production and composition meshes nicely with the emotional lyrics.

‘Closer’ is a startlingly well-observed note to “fragility and the painful side of love, when you give your all and there seems to be nothing on the other side.

This is the lead and title track from Cape Cub’s forthcoming debut EP, Closer which is due out in March.

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The Cradles – “Ideal Girl” (Cardiff, UK)

The Cradles - "Ideal Girl"

The Cradles have just released “Ideal Girl”.  The track reminds of old school surf rock with a nostalgic vibe yet still is new and fresh for today.

Their sound oozes an exciting urgency that reminds of early Arctic Monkeys.

The single will officially drop on March 25th via Solva Records.

The Cradles are Joe Norman (vocals), Kieran O’Brien (lead guitar), Declan Andrews (drums), Luke Haines (bass), and Toby Andrews (guitar).

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Duncan Fellows – “Coffins” (Austin, USA)

Duncan Fellows - "Coffins"Duncan Fellows have seen success with their debut EP, Marrow and now have new songs which will be part of a forthcoming LP.

“Coffins” is a brand new track and their sound reminds a bit of another Austin artist, Shakey Graves. With melodic highs and lows, harmonious vocals and emotional songwriting, we feel that Duncan Fellows will be ones to watch in 2016.

Duncan Fellows is comprised of Colin Harman, Cullen Trevino, Margot Stevenson, David Stimson and Tim Hagen.  For all of you Austin fans, they will be playing with In The Valley Below on February 23 at The Parish.

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Pretty Sister – “Drive” (Los Angeles, USA)

Pretty Sister - "Drive"

Pretty Sister is Zak Waters who was featured on Adventure Club’s smash “Fade” and had his own viral hit last year – a slick cover of Ginuine’s “Pony”.

Pretty Sister has just released “Drive” and it’s a love song to California. Waters’ soulful vocals are set against feel good synths with a bit of a disco vibe running throughout. “Drive” will be the perfect track to spin on a summer day and will be the perfect addition to your summer playlist.

Zak who is a Los Angeles native shared this about the track: “So when writing the song I thought about what must it be like to have just moved here from Michigan or New York or Detroit? Driving through laurel canyon with the palm trees and then sun and the warmth…the feeling of endless possibility and beautiful people all around you.”

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Tiny Deaths – “The Gardener” (Minneapolis & Brooklyn, USA)

Tiny Deaths - "The Gardener"

Tiny Deaths is Claire de Lune and Grant Cutler.

“The Gardner” is an awesome track which focuses on de Lune’s breathy vocals set against building synth and vibey basslines. “‘The Gardener’ is a song written from the perspective of the ‘bad guy’ in a relationship, the person who does the cheating and heartbreaking.

“The Gardener” is taken from the duo’s Night Flowers EP, which will be released Friday, February 19th. You can pre-order the EP, here.

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Valerie Broussard – “A Little Wicked” (New York via Springfield, USA)

Valerie Broussard - "A Little Wicked"

Valerie Broussard is a fairly new artist on the scene. She has posted a few tracks on Soundcloud and has just released the track, “A Little Wicked”.

Broussard’s sultry and soulful vocals take center stage on “A Little Wicked” with just a few snaps and guitar riffs before the drum beats kick in. The chorus becomes enthralling and memorable.

We have a feeling with a little more promotion, the world will be hearing more from Ms. Broussard this year. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Valerie Broussard moved to London at the age of eighteen. It was this period living abroad when Valerie’s career as a songwriter began to take shape. Having since moved back stateside, Valerie brought home the initial sparks of what has now developed into her own sound. She is currently working on her debut album.

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