Setting the Scene

prevailOur original plan for this episode was to connect with Prevail and Madchild at Zaphod’s for a chat and maybe a little freestyle. However, life intervened and we ended up hoofing it over to their hotel pub to record the interview. Madchild couldn’t make it, so Prevail was a trouper and joined us for a pint and a chat, in spite of being super tired and in the midst of multiple media interviews.

We really like this episode for a number of reasons. Prevail is one of the friendliest gents in the world. He’s very open, honest, and down-to-earth. After a few minutes, he became quite energized and we really got into some good conversation. Perhaps the beer helped.

The Clip

This is the opening clip from the interview, where we sip some beer and chat about Swollen’s marketing and touring strategies. This clip finishes with Kevin asking about the new album title (Beautiful Death Machine). The setup is funny, the answer is great.

When we launch this full episode, you’ll hear a lot more from Prevail about their new record, and how he was raised as a metalhead in BC.

Where to find Swollen Members and Prevail


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