Setting the Scene

I first came to know Gerry Griffin in late 2012, when he and his partner/manager Heather contacted me about getting a song in Capital Revue, my audio blog for the Ottawa Citizen. I heard one song (When I Say That), and was hooked.

When I invited Gerry to come do a Revue session with us at Zaphod’s, they were really into it. He has such an incredibly life story, it’s hard to focus on any one part. So, when the time came to sit and chat, we covered a lot of territory. This is one of the longer episodes, and will total close to 50 minutes.

Long time fans will love it to hear some details on his time in Cain (after-hours house band at Le Hibou), The Blue Angels (most popular blues band in Ottawa in the 1980s), and to hear him play a few songs. New fans will appreciate his songs, his stories, and his very positive attitude towards his time in the early 90s, when he as wrongly incarcerated in a North African prison.

In this first clip, you’ll hear about his time at Le Hibou and earlier career. You’ll have to tune into the rest of the episode later this summer to hear the songs, and to hear more of his fascinating life story.

The Clip


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Where to find Gerry Griffin

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