leyden_zarI figured this album was gonna be some reallyloud heavy metal, judging merely by the front cover. Their logo makes me think of so many American metal bands on the Combat label in the early 1980s. But as usual, you can’t judge an album by its font.

The band was made up of Pascal Mailloux  (keys), Serge Gratton (drums), Brian Wilson (guitars), Jacques Noel (guitar) and Paul Grondin (bass). They were all based in Montreal, and started out as the backing band for Robert Leroux.

Leyden Zar released two self-titled albums (how very Weezer), this being the first album from 1981. In terms of the music, LZ appear somewhere between Gary Numan, The Cars, and Devo. Lyrically, however, it’s practically Kiss-inspired, as this is all about the big dumb rock and roll. A quick glance at the song titles is your first clue: Money Talks Loud, Backstreet Girl. Teenage Pioneer, Danger Zone, etc. So, they didn’t write clever subtle songs, that’s ok. We have here a rarity in Canadian bands of this era: these guys rocked like so many bands that would catch on a few years later. If Poison rocked  with some keyboards, they would have sounded a lot like Leyden Zar.

Here’s one track from the album called Money Talks Loud.



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