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Vintage Vinyl: Les Alexandrins


This 1966 album was the first Capital (and first overall) album by Les Alexandrins, a duo made up of Lise Vachon and Luc Cousineau. These two were a very popular Quebec duo for several years, well into the mid 1970s. As with many of the Quebec music I find, I can get a bunch of videos on YouTube, but not a lot of actual information about the artist.

It’s a mix of classical, jazz, and pop, with some glass-shattering vocals by Lise. Chante Chansonnier Chante, in particular, shows how high Lisa can go. It’s a big band-style romp with some great Spanish guitar and drums. Toi, a more traditional jazz composition, has Luc speak-singing at a rapid pace, with Lisa providing some great backup vocals. Amour D’Hiver (the song you can hear today) is one of the softest on the album, and really evokes a winter theme, with Lisa once more providing most of the chilly mood.





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