So, here’s how things went down. I contacted Shannon to say “we’ve got this idea…we’re interviewing local bands at Zaphod’s, and filming it and doing live performances and stuff. You interested?”

I was delighted that Shannon wrote back and said “Yes!”. She and Steve Matylewicz (guitar, husband) didn’t really know what we were doing, but they came out to the club and we had a great session.

Part 1

In the first segment, you’ll hear Shannon and I speak about her Seasons project (which started as 4 EPs and then became one big double CD). You’ll also hear her jam on the beautiful track, Wild Wind.

Part 2

In this segment, Shannon tells us about what inspired Wild Wind, and about its very fun music video. You’ll also get to hear another track, Under the Moon.

Part 3

In the final segment, you’ll hear about the rest of the Thorns, Shannon’s vocal skills, and yes, one more track called Little Bird.

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