Dick Maloney was a fixture in clubs and on the airwaves around Ottawa for over 40 years. This man has an enormous following in the Nation’s Capital, fans who loved listening to his weekly radio show (on Oldies 1310, Sunday mornings), and who have loved watching him perform his own brand of loungy Sinatra-inspired pop music. He was also the resident singer at the Monterey Inn for many years.

That is, he was until an unfortunate accident, tripping on the sidewalk in downtown Ottawa, left him a quadriplegic. From the summer of 2006, Mr. Maloney lived in St. Vincent’s hospital, until he passed away in 2010.

I had heard of Dick Maloney, but hadn’t heard him sing before I found this record. Released in the 70s (no date on the album, but the cover is undeniably 70s), this album has 6 Maloney originals, and they are all excellent, very Sinatra/Bennett-ish. It’s a treat to hear a talented singer likethis who is also an immensely talented songwriter.

Here are the liner notes:

Singer-songwriter Dick Maloney has been singing since his high school days in Ottawa, his birthplace. He has hosted his own television series “Saturday Date” and has made numerous appearances on such network shows as “The Alan Hamel Show” with Phylis Diller, and “Luncheon Date” with Elwood Glover. He has appeared with comedian Rodney Dangerfield,  Peter Appleyard, and Barbara McNair.

The tracks on this record are all sweet examples of lounge-pop, with Maloney’s smooth vocals gently riding on top of a tight jazz group, complete with classy twinkling pianos, groovy bass and drums.

Here’s your sample song from the LP: In Brazil.



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