soundcorpsThis is an indie cassette I found recently. I got it for a whopping 50 cents at the Salvation Army store on Carling in Ottawa. The 4-song EP, entitled “The Ho Chi Minh Sessions” was released in 1990, and the only credits to be found are as follows:

Sound Corps is Barton, Young, Mullin, Stewart, and Hepburn. Songs engineered by D. Frauzel – Sum1 Studios.

The cassette itself has an address and phone number, but 20+ years later, I won’t bother to call. The songs are all pretty good, showing an alt-rock groove that would be way more common a few years after this was released. Nice to see that they were ahead of themselves a bit. For the most part, these songs are played with a lot of heart. The last track, though, Sky Blue West, really impressed me.

The tape is truly indie, in all respects. The artwork was done with a black marker, and the cassette inlay card is hand cut from an 8.5×11 inch sheet of photocopy paper. This is as indie as it got before we had MP3s. It’s got a healthy dab of Pixies power, and some good screechy chord work.



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