In the inaugural review of Mundo Musique, I thought it would be appropriate to feature an artist who frequently visits Ottawa – either at Bluesfest or performing at the Bronson Centre or hopefully at Folkfest one day – and could be considered an honorary Canadian, having spent time in British Columbia and is a member of super-indie, Canadian outfit The New Pornographers.

Of course, I’m speaking about Neko Case, the fiery redhead (fiery in more ways than her hair colour; just follow her Twitter feed) with the most stunning voice in music. I’m always mesmerized by her voice and range. And while I know she’s not the marrying type, I would like to be a sparrow, sitting on her shoulder and singing her sweet nuthin’s (don’t worry, my wife knows).

Back to Neko… her new album, The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You, drops on September 3, and the album has been streaming online on various platforms to offer fans a sneak listen. It includes the recently released “Man”, an edgy melange of rock-punk-alt-folk that she has played during her summer shows, including during her Ottawa Bluesfest performance. But for today, I share with you “Night Still Comes”, which is more characteristic of Case’s indie-folk style, but this song has some trippy lyrics. The song also features on backup vocals, Jim James, who also has one of the best voices in music and happens to be the frontman of my favourite band (that’s for another day).

Neko Case Harder I Fight

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