Look out, folks. This song is so catchy, you’ll be singing it for weeks. This is a great indie cassette (home made, one-sided) by Perth, Ontario’s Toasted Westerns. The “full platter” is made up of Jody Benjamin (on vocals, guitar, and saw), Sally Robinson on keyboards, bass, vocals, and invisible trumpet, Ann Downey on bass and vocals, Carolyn Stewart on violin, and Wayne Robicheau on drums. This is indie-country at its most fun and raucous.

Jody is also one half of Ball and Chain, a country duo with her husband Michael Ball. Their own website isn’t actually working at the time I’m writing this article, so I’m not entirely sure what happened to them.

This cassette, at only 4 tracks, is amazing. Released in 1991 or so, the band is tight and give a hint into how much fun a Toasted Western show must have been.

Lead off track, Honky Tradeswoman, is a really bouncy number, with quick and witty lyrics and some remarkable musicianship. I’ll be honest, I can’t stop listening to this track.




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