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Mundo Musique: Max Frost, “White Lies”


I stumbled upon this song by Austin-based Max Frost while searching for music earlier this year. This track, “White Lies”, is one of my favourites of the year, easily in my top-10. There are hints of Beck (when he goes electric – I’m borrowing this phrase from my friend Jon in Virginia) and Danger Mouse. It’s a groovy track that you can pop on at a party, relaxing in the backyard, or driving to a destination. It’s actually quite a minimalist song, but it’s been outstandingly mixed. Oh, Frost played all the instruments and mixed the track himself. DIY music at its finest.

Now, I kind of already broke our rule about playing indie music only, as Frost recently signed with Atlantic Records. However, when this track was released, he was independent, so I’m giving myself a pass. If Mr. Frost continues to produce solid music, we’ll make exceptions on Mundo Musique.  But if he goes Robin Thicke on us…

We’ll enjoy his independence while we still can.  Good luck Max.

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