Today, Steve and I headed over to Arc The Hotel on Slater Street in Ottawa (not our usual hangout, but sometimes you gotta accommodate other schedules) to meet with Scottish acoustic singer/songwriter Rachel Sermanni.

She just spent the weekend playing the Ottawa Folk Festival, and chilled out with The Revue around lunchtime. We spent 30 minutes with her, chatting and listening to her jam on a couple of songs. It was captivating, to be honest. She’s very kind, sweet, and fun to chat with. If this was later in the day (and I didn’t have to get back to work), I could have seen a few pints shared. Alas, maybe next time she’s in town.

I wanted to share this with you all right away, as I am so fond of the second song she played for us. You’ll hear the whole episode in a few months, in our usual funky video format…but here’s an audio snippet to whet your appetite, featuring a newer song called Two Birds.

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