Whether you are a highly invested music fanatic (like we are) or a casual fan, you’ve probably been exposed to artists from Down Under, where the music scene has exploded the past decade.  No longer can Australia be associated with Midnight Oil, INXS, or AC/DC, there’s a new generation of talented musicians making waves around the world (even Russell Crowe has gotten into the act, although he was born in New Zealand). We’ll feature plenty of Aussie acts in the near future, but for today we focus on Boy & Bear.

My friend Danny from Australia introduced me to Boy & Bear a few years ago, and their indie-folk sound immediately caught my attention.  Their debut album, released in 2009, reminded me of Australian indie-folk super-band The Middle East – strong melodies, captivating lyrics, and a touch of twang.  Boy & Bear released their second album, Harlequin Dream, in late August.  The album is for the most part an indie-folk album with some slight pop and Americana touches.  Think Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, and Middle East rolled up into one – the kind of band that should be playing folk festivals around the world.

You can buy the new album on iTunes.  And here’s the first single from their new record, “Southern Sun”.


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