shareOn first glance, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be some kind of Eastern Block propaganda or what. The album jacket is a study in design simplicity, as you can plainly see. The back cover is even simpler, with two small text boxes: one showing the song titles, and one showing the members of Share.

This is essentially a Christian folk act, made up of several young people from Heckston, Ontario. No, I had not heard of Heckston either, and had to look it up. It is just outside of a larger town called Kemptville.

The group members are as follows: Catherine Gaw, Katie McGrath, Dawn Sloan, Karen Scott, Rita Dillabough, Heather Murdock, Judy Gaw, Debbie Gaw, Dianne Deyo, Harold Hess, Bruce Robinson, Harold Thompkins, John Wiggins, Kevin Payne. The group Directors were: Lil Williams and Preston Gilmer.

The group doesn’t display a great variety in delivery. Most of the tracks feature the entire group singing along with similar guitar instrumentation from song to song. “Teach Your Children” is a representative of what you can hear on the whole record.



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