There’s something to be said about music that sets a certain mood. Your mind drifts away and your thoughts and logic are replaced by a rush of emotion – sometimes positive, sometimes negative, sometimes neither. It may last for only a fleeting moment but when a mood is created, it leaves an indelible mark.

Diamond Rough, the new record from Saskatoon-based Autopilot, sets a mood. It takes a while to kick in but when “A Song From A Hospital Hallway Part 1” starts, you forget whatever currently engulfs your mind and drift away into lost love. You drift away into forgotten dreams. You drift away into the future promise that may go unfulfilled.

It may not be the most feel-good mood that an album could set but it sure is a great song and sparks a three song run (also including “Dark Skies” and “A Song From A Hospital Hallway Part 2”) that features a nearly flawless mix of tight and catchy music, great lyrics and strong vocals. The section alone will sell anybody on the abilities of Autopilot.

The rest of Diamond Rough isn’t quite as strong (although the title track and “Bad Poetry” are very good songs). The vocals get drowned out at times which takes away from the strength of the uniformly excellent lyrics and, as mentioned, the second half of the album is significantly better than the first. Nonetheless, this is definitely a case of the whole overwhelming the sum of its parts.

Once the last song ends and the record stops, you’ve forgotten about what you didn’t like or what could’ve been better. All that you remember and all that lingers in your mind is that mood.

And, in some ways, that is the greatest compliment of all.

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