I’m a stickler for atmospheric, chillwave, synth-pop, which I like to simply call “escapism” – music that just makes you close your eyes and think of a world that doesn’t exist, lifts you up, and at the end puts a smile on your face.  Ok, maybe that’s just me.

To put you in my frame of mind, we commence the first full week of autumn with a trifecta of artists that frequently are on my playlists.


Washed Out

Originally from Georgia, Ernest Greene has released two LPs under the pseudonym Washed Out.  His second album, Parcosm, was released in August to solid reviews.  The track “Falling Back” exemplifies why I love this genre of music – the slow build that create anticipation before the music intensifies.  The song itself is much like its genre – an escape from reality.


You can find tour dates for Washed Out on his Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/washed.out


Porcelain Raft

Also released in August was New York-based Porcelain Raft’s second album, Permanent Signal.  Unlike Washed Out, Porcelain Raft – aka Mauro Remiddi – takes a more solemn approach to the genre, using various melodies and tones to create a hypnotic, thought-provoking sound. 

You can find tour dates for Porcelain Raft on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/porcelainraft


Pure X

Haunting.  Trippy.  Mesmerizing.  Those are the only words that I could find to describe Pure X’s debut album, Pleasure, which was released in 2011 – a slow, melodic, yet intense album.  Their latest effort, Crawling Up the Stairs, sees them move more towards the subtle, indie-pop sounds of the xx and early Grizzly Bear.  I’ve included two tracks here – one from each album for you to determine which Pure X sound you like best:

  • “Surface”, with its brilliant, ’80s-esque video, is an outstanding track of the Austin trio’s dark escapism.


  • “Thousand Year Old Child” is a bit more “upbeat” and definitely leans more towards indie popl


You can find tour dates for Pure X on their Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/purextx

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