When I travel for work, like I am right now, I often travel alone.  After the meetings are over, it can be a lonely place.  Often, I’m just too tired to get out to see the town, or I have an early morning departure home so I’m stuck at the hotel.  The room is quiet and there isn’t the warm body of my wife next me.  The weekends are the worst because there isn’t anyone there to share the experience with you.  And in the midst of another work trip, Jason Isbell is whispering in my ear sharing his experiences of being on the road alone.

Granted, our jobs are different and I’m sure he has much better stories to tell than I do.  Yet on “Traveling Alone”, from his terrific Southeastern album that was released earlier this year, we sing the common refrain of “I’ve grown tired of traveling alone”.

The song obviously isn’t about work, but it is about those lonely nights missing the one you love the most and those one has lost due to the decisions one has made.  For Jason Isbell, it probably touches extremely close to his heart.

The former member of Drive-by Truckers has written four solo albums, and his latest is his most personal and poignant.  After battling alcoholism, Isbell is now sober.  With sobriety, his songwriting – always a strength – reaches new heights on his latest LP.  And this song is a highlight of the album and probably the most revealing of Isbell’s battle.



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