Today, I’m introducing a new part to Mundo Musique called “Twitter Love”, which will showcase musicians and bands found on Twitter!  Well, more accurately, those who found and shared their music with me on Twitter.  And who said writing only 140 characters was a bad thing?  Finally, I’m going to show the video of an artist that was featured here only a couple of weeks ago because the video is quirky and cool and I really dig the song.


It’s been 17 years since California band Mazzy Star released an album, and the results are stunning.  Seasons of Your Day is a lush, melodic, 10-song LP that borders between indie-folk, psyche-folk, and a touch of bluegrass. The introduction of Josh Yenne on steel guitar brings a taste of the south to the album while David Roback continues to provide beautiful melodies on lead guitar.  Hope Sandoval’s sultry, dreamy voice, though, echos throughout and is utterly captivating.

Mazzy Star commences a 15-city, North American tour beginning on November 1.  Tour dates can be found here:

Here’s the opening track, “In the Kingdom”, to Seasons of Your Day, which is available right now.


I have a friend in California who absolutely loves The Futurebirds, the young, country-rock/americana band from Athens, Georgia.  Their music resembles The Black Crowes, early Drive-by Truckers, early Kings of Leon (when they were good), and early R.E.M. with catchy hooks, slow tunes that burn, and rockers that fill an arena.  Their second LP, Baba Yaga, which was released this spring, almost didn’t get released as the band was searching for a label.  After listening to it, hard to believe that this album never would have been available to you and me.  Baba Yaga has been in my rotation for several weeks.

Here’s “Tan Lines” from their latest LP, probably my favourite song on the album.


Jordan Velez is a DIY, indie-folk artist who plays all the instruments on his songs.  He released his first LP last year and is in the process of recording his second LP, for which he’s trying to raise funds.  If you like John Mayer, Ben Harper, or what you heard last week in Zachary Cale, you’ll really enjoy this young artist.  Don’t be surprised to hear Jordan’s music played on a major TV show in the near future.  When you hear “For Someone Far Away”, you’ll understand what I mean.

You can listen to four songs from his first LP here:

If you want to help Jordan and like what you hear, you can buy his LP here:

Fear Club, aka Robin Huqueleux, is a 24-year old DJ and producer from Paris, France.  He’s also a graphic designer by day.  According to his Facebook page, he likes dream pop and ambient music, and he aims to create a sound reminiscent of M83 and Washed Out, who was profiled here a couple of weeks ago.

Last week, he released his mix of London electronic duo AlunaGeorge’s “Just a Touch”, which has received some major hits on Soundcloud.  Have a listen to Fear Club’s work:


You’re probably wondering, “You’ve only been doing this gig for one month, yet you’re already repeating a song?”  I’m guilty as charged, but the video is worth watching, especially for anyone who has ever attempted to play tennis (and played it badly), like me.  The video shows Courtney Barnett and her bandmates battling in a game of doubles with Courtney and Dave matched up against Dan and Bones (they are all easy to figure out).  Meanwhile, Fraser A. Gorman, another Australian musician, looks Dylan-esque as the referee and scorekeeper.  Courtney demonstrates a wicked backhand at one point in the video, but she needs to work on her chest bump.

And another reason why I shared this song once again is that the lyrics seemed apt for the series finale of “Breaking Bad”.  Granted, it may had very well been played on the episode, but I was probably one of two people (the other being my wife) who didn’t watch a single episode of the hit series.  I digress.

Courtney Barnett’s debut album, The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, comes out Tuesday, October 15. Enjoy the video.

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