I’ve long been a fan of Ana Miura, and for about a hundred reasons. She’s an incredible guitar player and has one of those voices that could sing the phonebook and make it sound like poetry.

Of course, she’s also the founder of Babes4Breasts (who have their annual concert coming up on October 24 2013). That particular project earned her the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal last year, as a matter of fact. So, all this to say that Ana Miura is not JUST a kick-ass musician. She’s a humanitarian with a  heart of gold, and a hilarious dry wit.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s our chat with Ana Miura!

Part 1

In the first part, we talk about Ana’s musical development and songwriting. And she also jams on a great new track, oddly enough, titled Something New.

Part 2

In this second segment, Ana and I chat about Blues Fest, Folk Fest, and Babes4Breasts. Can this woman be involved in any more cool stuff?

Part 3

In this part, we talk heavy stuff about humanity, cancer, and helping people. We finish if off with Ana playing a song she wrote for her son, Little Boy.

More Photos from the Session


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