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Vintage Vinyl – Ray Dalan



Outside of these two pages, one of which refers to him as “Reverend” and states that he passed away on April 8th, 2012, there’s not much information about singer-songwriter Ray Dalan on the internet. For Mature People was written and produced by Dalan, recorded in “Bob and Dan’s basement”  and released on Sky Records in 1974. “Bob and Dan” are the Lanois brothers, back in the day when the siblings had a studio in their mother’s house in Ancaster and long before Dan went on to a career producing albums by artists like U2, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. “It’s That Time,” like the rest of the album, is an introspective number (an eBay seller described this album as “loner folk”) sung in a plaintive yelp that sounds a bit like Martin Tielli of The Rheostatics.

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