Toronto’s Kinetic Ideals lived very much under the radar in their original 1980-1985 existence. Like a lot of darker new wave bands, they made an impression on certain segments (those folks who loved Joy Division, for example), but their moody tunes never traveled too far afield. In fact, their final EP was never released after the band completed it in 1984.

Well, all I can say is “thank you, interweb.” The band members reconnected a few years back, and ended up digging up their final recordings. Then they connected with new label Dead Wax Records, and as they say, the rest is history. You can pick up the vinyl reissue through the label, or probably if you hook up with the band through their Facebook page.

You can also buy the digital edition through Bandcamp, or sample it here. It’s a great little time capsule, and the sound is pristine. Get out your black pants and eyeliner, and dig in.


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