There is a long and (not too) interesting story about this episode. First of all, Slo’ Tom is an indie legend here in the Nation’s Capital. Dood was in furnaceface, for pete’s sake. He’s also known as the nicest guy in town, so we were super happy when he agreed to be our first interview subject for this series.

We connected at Zaphod’s (where he spends a lot of time hanging out or working as a sound guy) to do our first ever Revue session. The chat was great, the songs he played were awesome. However, when we looked at the tape after, the sound was overpowered by some whirring noise we couldn’t hear while recording. The video was ok, but not good enough. So, we called it a “demo” and explained to Tom that we had messed it up a bit, and politely asked him to come do another one.

He said “Sure, no problem!”

So, ya, he’s a great guy and an amazing musician/songwriter. In this episode, you’ll get plenty of time to hear him tell stories about his days in the most successful indie band in the heady days of the 80s and 90s (furnaceface), and you’ll hear three way-cool songs recorded live off the floor at Zaphod’s.

New Record

At this very moment, Tom is promoting a NEW record. He released his new album on October 25 at Irene’s, and it’s killer. He’ll also have a new 7″ record coming out soon, so check him out at

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

More Pictures from the Session

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