A Night Too Young (Czech Republic)

directed by Olmo Omerzu

Thursday, November 21, 7pm,

395 Wellington, National Archives

28th European Union Film Festival

Adults are idiots. It’s a no-brainer topic of many a film that choses the lens of a child’s eye. A Night Too Young uses that classic formula to vicariously peek at the goings on in a dead-end Czech small town, on a typical grey New Year’s Eve, where there is little to celebrate, but lots to drink. A couple of twelve year old boys wind up in a life-sucking apartment building with three lost soul adults. The Communist bloc(k) may be gone, but architecturally it remains, and the malaise of oppression is still thick in the air. If your joyful existence is in need of some depressing reprieve, a bad dose of reality, or just a reminder of the cold hard drudgery that escaping years offers, then this is the film to see.

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