In today’s Mundo Musique, we take a look at some great pop music from indie-pop standouts Haim and Eleanor Friedberger, and the eccentric Xenia Rubinos.


Haim is a band that has burst onto the scene in 2013 with a huge debut LP, Days Are Gone which was released on September 30. Haim are a band of three sisters, Alana, Danielle and Este Haim. They draw a lot of comparisons to Fleetwood Mac, and I say that is fair, but they have a more modern sound, featuring very danceable songs that make me think of more recent pop groups. The harmonies between the sisters are incredible, and sometimes remind me of Wilson Phillips, and at other times remind me of the Dirty Projectors. Haim are a great blend of slow jam rock, pop, r&b and hip hop. In 2012, Haim were the first female group to be awarded BBC’s Sound of 2013 award.

Haim just announced a 2014 world tour, info on when and where can be found here. Also, Haim will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week. Be sure to tune in if you like what you hear!

Here is “The Wire” off of Days are Gone.


Eleanor Friedberger, one half of the brother-sister duo, The Fiery Furnaces, has released her second solo album Personal Record in June. I really enjoyed her 2011 album, Last Summer, and Personal Record is yet another incredibly enjoyable record from the indie-pop songstress. The record is a fun listen, Friedberger tells stories of nights out in New York, love, relationships and other personal stories. Friedberger presents the subjects in upbeat pop songs that remind me of the Kinks or the Beatles, as well as slower ballads including the heartbreaking “Other Boys” which Friedberger sings about a girl in an open relationship. Personal Record is a great follow up to Last Summer, and if you dig the tracks below, check out both records!

Here is “When I Knew” off of Personal Record:

Here is “State at the Sun” also off of Personal Record:


The Brooklyn-based Xenia Rubinos released her first full-length record Magic Trix earlier this year. Magic Trix is full of energy, it’s a bit jarring at first to hear how much energy, but soon that energy becomes infectious and you can’t help but groove to the music. The album has songs with both English and Spanish lyrics, adding to the feeling of controlled chaos in Magic Trix. Rubinos achieves her sound without the use of guitars, playing only synthesizers, backed by the drumming of Marco Buccelli, creating a very unique combination of latin music that ventures into punk rock, hip hop, and pop.  The music is strange, yet appealing, its a fun record, Rubinos’ style is like no other, and that’s what makes this record so fresh and appealing.

Here is the music video for “Help”, the first track on Magic Trix.

and a bonus, my personal favorite, “Pan y Cafe”


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