directed by Stere Gulea

Monday, November 25, 7pm,

395 Wellington, National Archives

28th European Union Film Festival

With the very messy and grisly end to his totalitarian rule, it’s hard to fathom how Nicolae Ceausescu can be seen in anything but a lousy light. Yet the end of communism, as in all the former Soviet blocs, meant Romania had it’s share of winners and losers. As Emelia, Luminita Gheorghiu plays a good natured, generous woman struggling to make ends meet on a meager pension. When her adult daughter and new boyfriend visit from North America, old party wounds are opened, and interesting debates ensue, especially in light of the recent recession malaise sweeping much of the world. In spite of the heavy handed idealistic stances from all sides, Emelia emerges as the humane voice of reason. This is a story of personal perseverance; how individuals are able to carry on no matter what system they are thrown into. It’s not about politics, but about family, friends and neighbours. There are no answers to any of the heavy questions asked, and that’s ok.


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