Shifting the Blame (Germany)

directed by Lars-Gunner Lotz

Thursday, November 28, 7pm,

395 Wellington, National Archives

28th European Union Film Festival

Part of Ben’s rehabilitation as a violent young criminal is to ask forgiveness of his victim, a monumental task spiked to excruciating tension in a clever plot twist. The human condition is on bare bones display here, as wrong and right presented as clearly black and white, have a very grey and fading resolution process. Good intentions are swapped for uncontrollable emotions as the process of redemption is put through the ringer. Is forgiveness the answer? Is there an answer? The horror of violent crime often grows with unforeseen repercussions, and Ben, who seems to be straightening out quite nicely, is the perfect subject matter to crack open this can of worms. A tough, but very good film.

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