I first connected with Maggie Padlewska a few years back, when I was working on a documentary pitch and needed some video help. A mutual friend connected us via email so we could compare notes. Sadly, she was unavailable to take on other projects because she was kicking off something of her own.

Maggie is a journalist and producer by day, and a documentarian by night. She is working on a project she calls One Year One World, which takes her to remote locations across the globe to record the lives of at-risk aboriginal cultures. It’s not just the people who are at risk (due to encroachment of development into their ancestral lands), but the cultures themselves. Maggie is on a mission to record these people, their stories, and is in a race against time as they are struggling to survive and preserve their cultures and identities.

[vimeo id=”44665307″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

This is a tough topic. And where some might see nothing but challenges, Maggie sees opportunity. She met me for coffee so we could share her vision with you. Enjoy the chat!

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Coffee Time!


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