Les Geants (Belgium)

directed by Bouli Lanners

Saturday, November 30, 9pm,

395 Wellington, National Archives

28th European Union Film Festival


Drinking, toking, stealing, driving and squatting teenagers, equals a charming and leisurely slice of summer life film – in Belgium that is. Brothers Seth (15 year old driver) and Zack (13 & 3/4 year old booze hound) turn a restless summer sans adult supervision into a property-hopping odyssey with like minded pal Danny. Though they have to deal with abusive siblings, cheating drug dealers, absentee parents, lack of money and homelessness – basically, the crazy adult world – the trio stumble along in their survival quest in a perfectly languid, endless summer manner. Despite the wild predicaments that storm the boys, boredom may be the greatest evil they have to deal with as they come of age. The skies are blue. The fields are green. Waterways offer escape, and life lies somewhere up, around the bend.

As an added treat, the film comes replete with stellar folk music from The Bony King of Nowhere (Belgian artist Bram Vanparys), which eloquently complements the carefree flow of the onscreen action.

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