Jackie (The Netherlands)

directed by Antoine Beumer 

Sunday, December 1, 7pm,

395 Wellington, National Archives

28th European Union Film Festival

Why do rabbits go to bed so early? Because they only have to brush two teeth. Bad jokes only work well in the right setting, as in a beautiful desert night around a roaring campfire, over a couple of beers, and told in the magical Dutch language. The festival closer and sure fire crowd pleaser, Jackie is the Euro out of water in North America joke that never gets old. This one features a couple of bickering busy body  twins searching for their ailing birth mother in the vast expanses of New Mexico. As the dusty, cantankerous, snake-killing mystery woman of  few words, Holly Hunter gives yet another stellar performance to rival any of her  fabulous screen turns. She’s the all action, no talk transient: a high plains driftress (sic). Jackie is an atypical family yarn, unravelling knee-slapping comedy and poignant drama with surprising turns in a (forced) winding road adventure.

Music nerds will recognize Giant Sander Howe Gelb in a nice cameo of few words, and more importantly, some sweet song.

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