Vintage Vinyl — December 11, 2013 at 9:51 am

Vintage Vinyl – Renee Martel


Quebecois chanteuse Renee Martel was born in Drummondville in 1947, and over the course of a career that has spanned almost 50 years she’s sold 10 million records, won multiple Felix Awards (Quebec’s version of the Junos) and become a cultural icon in la belle province. Early successes as a pop singer were followed by struggles with alcohol, a switch to country music and a secondary career as a radio host (although she still records and tours to this day).

Réflexions was released in 1974 on Spectrum Records, and “Imagine une Seconde” is an easygoing country-tinged pop number with an easygoing charm reminiscent of vintage Sheryl Crow.

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