Top Sellers:

1. Arcade Fire – Reflektor
2. V/A – Tribute To Tony Sly
3. Tim Hecker – Virgins
4. Soundgarden – Screaming Life / Fopp
5. Vince Guaraldi – Charlie Brown Christmas

Local Pick:

Crusades‘Perhaps You Deliver This Judgment With Greater Fear Than I Receive It’
The long anticipated new release from local heroes Crusades, does not disappoint.
Continuing from where they left off with their 2011 release ‘The Sun Is Down and
the Night is Riding In’, Crusades blast through 10 new songs of melodic punk
rock, with lyrics inspired by philosopher Giordano Bruno. Flawless.

Staff Picks:

Bad Religion – Christmas Songs
Pretty much exactly what you
would expect from these So-Cal punk pioneers. Classic Xmas tunes done in the
skate-punk style fans of Bad Religion have grown to love over the last 30+
years. Your grandmother will love it on Xmas morning.

Ty Segall – Gemini
There seems to be a new Segall release every month, without fail.
‘Gemini’ is essentially the demos from the critically acclaimed “Twins” album.
What makes this desirable, is that it is a limited vinyl-only release, with no
digital copies available–a Ty Segall vinyl junkie’s wet dream.

Russain Circles – Memorial

Heavy. Dark. Sludgy. Evil. Awesome.

Vertigo Records
193 Rideau St., Ottawa, ON, K1N

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