With 2013 now behind us, it’s time to look ahead at what 2014 will bring. Here are 22 albums that we are looking forward to in the new year. Why twenty-two? We have no idea, but we just landed at that number. Where possible, we’ve included audio or video of songs that will be included in the new albums or a song that the artist / band has recently done. Let us know what you’re looking forward to in 2014 so that we can be on the lookout for it.

Beck – Morning Phase

ETA: February (TBC)
It’s been nearly 6 years since Beck released a studio album (2008’s Modern Guilt), and he indicated late in 2013 that a new album was on the way.  Some details of the album have emerged, such as the tracklisting and a couple of songs that Beck has performed live. Whether “Wave” is an indication of what to expect, remains to be seen. There’s an eerie, mournful, operatic quality to the song. (Note: Thanks to our friend David Richards for providing more accurate information than we originally provided.)


Caribou – TBA

Canadian Daniel Victor Snaith – the founding member of Canadian eclectic DJ band Caribou – had indicated the band was expecting to release an album in 2013. Well, the calendar has changed, and no new album yet.  We do know, however,  that they are working on something, as they’ve lined up a number of festival shows in the summer and fall.  In the meantime, here is “Odessa” from their last album Swim.



In 2011 and 2012, Maryam Qudus – aka DOE EYE – released two terrific EPs.  Since then, she’s been performing a few shows around the west coast US and writing some new music. She informed us that she was planning to release her first full-length early this year, but details remain unknown for now.  If we find out more, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, here’s the video for “Hotel Fire” that was produced last year.


Doug Keith – Pony

ETA: February 11

As profiled back in October, Doug Keith is a very talented musician and songwriter.  When he’s not supporting Sharon Van Etten, he’s writing terrific folk songs.  In November, Doug Keith released “Pure Gold In The 70’s”, a new single from Pony featuring J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), which is below.  Will there be a double bill for Doug in the future?  We sure hope so!

Dum Dum Girls – Too True

ETA: February 28
New York-based The Dum Dum Girls, the project of lead singer Dee Dee Penny, have slowly established a strong, loyal following with their interpretation of indie and shoegaze rock.  Their first two LPs were produced in short time span – the second of which was written at the time of the passing of Dee Dee Penny’s mother – but the band has taken more time to produce their latest LP.  In November, The Dum Dum Girls released “Lost Boys and Girls”, a new single from their upcoming album

Drive By Truchers – English Oceans

ETA: March 4

Affectionately known by their loyal fans as DBT, The Drive-by Truckers will release a new album early in 2014.  In an interview with Rolling Stone, they said they were going back to basics – good old fashion southern rock. As the band toured this past summer and fall, they played some new songs from the upcoming album, and old and new fans likely won’t be disappointed if the bootlegs from the live shows are any indication.

Heather Woods Broderick – TBA

ETA: Late 2014

Another member of Sharon Van Etten’s band makes an experience.  Later this month, Heather Woods Broderick – who has also performed with Efterklang, Alela Diane, and Laura Gibson – will begin recording her second album, and we can expect a late 2014 arrival. For now, here is “Cottonwood Bay” from her achingly beautiful first album From The Ground.


Hospitality – Trouble

ETA: January 19

Hospitality, the Brooklyn-based indie-pop band, will release their second full-length album Trouble  early in 2014.  The album has been identified by many publications and blogs as one of the most anticipated releases of the new year, and “I Miss Your Bones”, which was released late in 2013, has not reduce expectations. Don’t be surprise if Hospitality rockets to stardom this year.

Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons – TBA

ETA: April
Joe Fletcher, who recently moved from Warren, Rhode Island to Nashville, Tennessee, says he’s been “threatening” us with a new album for years now, as loyal fans have long been waiting for a follow-up to 2010’s excellent White Lighter. Details of the new album are limited, but we do know that he has been spending plenty of hours working in the studio in his new residence.  So hurry up Joe and give us that long-awaited album. In the meantime, here’s “Flat Tire” off of White Lighter.


Lykke Li – TBA


Swedish pop sensation Lykke Li made it big in North America with her 2011 hit album, Wounded Rhymes.  Her honest songwriting and harder approach to pop music won fans young and old. While we await more information about a possible new album, Lykke Li did collaborate with David Lynch in 2013 on “I’m Waiting Here”, which is below. We don’t anticipate her new album to take on the dark, dreary world of Lynch, but we do expect it to be a memorable offering.

My Morning Jacket – TBA

ETA: Mid 2014

Jim James and crew are looking to follow up their 2011 release Circuital with yet another solid album. Nothing is really known about this album yet except it was recorded in November in Northern California. As we are both MMJ fans, we are hoping for something big.  But will the band return to their roots or will they continue to push the envelope and experiment with different sounds?  MMJ fans may get a sneak peak of their new work, as the band will be playing three nights in Cancun at the end of June.  

Nicole Atkins – Slow Phaser

ETA: February 4

Nicole Atkins returns in 2014 with Slow Phaser, which is her first album on her own label, Oh’ Mercy! Records. Below is the lead single, “Girl You Look Amazing”, from the New Jersey native. It’s a groovy track with R&B undertones. If you’re interested, you can still contribute to her Pledgemusic campaign here, and pick up one of the cool prizes Nicole is offering.

The Pack A.D. – Do Not Engage

ETA: January 14

There aren’t many bands that can rock as hard as Betty Black and Maya Miller of Vancouver’s The Pack A.D. Through four LPs, the two have developed a loyal following in North America and Europe. Now, they are embarking to reach stardom on their fifth LP, Do Not Engage. They have already released two singles in support of the album, including the anthemic “Big Shot”.

Phantogram – Voices

ETA: February 18

Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter, who are the duo that comprise Phantogram, have been two of the busiest musicians on late. Since 2009, the atmospheric, synth-pop duet have released 4 EPs and 1 LP plus toured extensively across the US and Europe.  Their hard work has paid off, as their popularity is growing and at a tremendous high, just in time for the launch of their second LP, Voices.  Here is the lead track from the new album, “Fall in Love”.

Real Estate – TBA

ETA: Early 2014
Real Estate is slowly releasing information on the new album, revealing the cover of the album piece by piece on their Instagram (@realestateband).  They have played some of their new songs while touring this past fall, and fans can expect the band to stick to the formula of their 2011 album Days, although definitely a bit “jammier”.  Check out the 30 second teaser they put out below:

Sharon Van Etten – Are We There?

ETA: May 2014
Sharon Van Etten’s fourth album, Are We There? – which may feature guest appearances by Adam Granduceil (War On Drugs), Mackenzie Scott (Torres), and Jonathan Meiburg (Shearwater) – will be released sometime in 2014.  There may also be some added wrinkles to the album, such as the possibility of Sharon Van Etten playing bass, as she did in her appearance at The Ottawa Bluesfest in July 2013.   The video below is of Sharon Van Etten playing “Tarifa”, which will be on the next album.

Slothrust – Of Course You Do

ETA: February 18
Self-described as “blues-influenced grunge”, Brooklyn based Slothrust have announced they will release a new album in 2014.  Not much is known about this album at the moment, so check out “The Couch Incident” from their 2012 record Feels Your Pain.

St. Vincent – St. Vincent

ETA: February 24
St. Vincent will be Annie Erin Clark’s – better known as St. Vincent – first non-collaborative album since 2011’s Strange Mercy, which was a hit in the indie music world. We can expect St. Vincent to continue to experiment with new sounds and approaches, as evidenced by the first single off of St Vincent, “Birth In Reverse”, which you can hear below.


ETA: Late 2014
Mackenzie Scott – a.k.a. Torres – revealed to us in an interview that she plans to have a new album out by the end of the year and that touring gave her new ideas for how to advance her songwriting and music.  It is difficult to imagine how much better she can get, as her 2013 self-titled album made our top 25 with songs like “Waterfall”, which is below.  When asked about her next album on tumblr, she said, “I have a strong feeling the new record will be louder and more abrasive than the last.” We are looking forward to seeing how Scott follows up her fantastic debut record.

TV on the Radio – TBA

ETA: Unknown
There are only a handful of bands today that have been as a great and as consistent as TV on the Radio in the past 10+ years. Part of the greatness of the New York-based band is their versatility, as they constantly write captivating songs that are either rock, pop, dance, or electronic oriented. Yet despite the acclaim they have received, they remain one of the most overlooked bands in the business.  Maybe this will change in 2014, as the band revealed a couple of months ago that they are working on their fifth studio album. But other than bit of information, there isn’t much to report. They did, however, release two singles last year, “Mercy” and “Million Miles”, which is below.

The War On Drugs – Lost in the Dream

Release Date: March 18
In 2011, The War on Drugs released the remarkable and critically acclaimed Slave Ambient.  After more than 2 years, the Philadelphia-based band will finally release its long-awaited third LP, Lost in the Dream, which will be launched on March 18. “Red Eyes” – the new track from their upcoming album – sticks to the same indie folk-rock sound of Slave Ambient, which is a very, very good thing.

U2 – TBA

ETA: April

Ben is admittedly a big U2 fan, which explains why this is on the list.  Will the album build on the under-appreciated albeit dense No Line on the Horizon or trend towards Zooropa? Time will only tell. Details of the new album are sketchy, but information could be released as soon as the Super Bowl for Songs of Ascent, which longstanding rumors suggest the next album will be called.  We do know that the band has been working on the new album for two years – including completely scrapping a year’s worth of work last summer to start anew – and that Danger Mouse is helping to produce and mix the album, which only raises expectations.  The band did record “Ordinary Love” in the last couple of months, which was released as part of soundtrack for “Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom”.

Image of My Morning Jacket taken by Rich Moses.

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