Lianne La Havas - Apple Cart Stage

24-year-old Lianne Charlotte Barnes, better known by her stage name Lianne La Havas, is a folk and soul singer/songwriter born in London, England that I’ve been heavily musically influenced by for the past year and a half. Her stunning voice is often accompanied by bluesy electric guitars and her words and melodies offer the audience more of an actual experience than just a ‘good listen.’ Speaking from a musicians perspective, there is nothing more satisfying than taking your listener into another world with just the touch of music. Lianne’s clever writing and chord combinations are truly a treat to both the ear and the mind.

Her album, “Is Your Love Big Enough?” was carefully crafted with her finest work, bringing nothing but chills and good vibes. Her style has just the right amount of flavor. A young, multi-talented fresh face is just what the music industry needed.

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