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Capital Revue: Crossroads Blues Band meets Jimi Hendrix


You can’t play the blues without playing the standards, and that’s what Crossroads Blues Band do. I’m a casual blues fan, but I’m also a Hendrix maniac. So, I tend to judge any act that dare to cover Hendrix by the quality of that song alone.

Ron Holdich’s guitar is powerful, fluid, and does a pretty sweet-and-dirty job on Red House. That is all I really needed to become a fan of these guys. But the rest of the band (Carl Bastien – keys, Marc Charbonneau – harp & vocals, Ken MacMillan – drums, and Mike Berndt – bass) play this material beautifully. They’ve all been playing for decades, with Crossroads being a fairly new venture for them, but this is some seriously professional stuff. Check it out.

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