Elizabeth & the Catapult

Elizabeth & The Catapult are back with the 11-track compilation, Like It Never Happened, which is its first since 2010’s The Other Side of Zero.  On Like It Never Happened, Elizabeth Ziman and company continue to produce piano-infused pop music and ballads.  However, for long-time fans of the Brooklyn-based band, the third LP also sees the band evolving and expanding its music, as Ziman has been picked up the guitar to along with her piano proficiency.  The inclusion of the stringed instrument has brought a fuller, deeper sound to the band’s music and has allowed the band to dip into other genres.  For instance, Ziman channels her inner Lucinda Williams on the folk-ish, driving tune “More Than Enough”.

While Like It Never Happened represents a slight departure from their previous two albums,  the beautiful harmonies and Ziman’s powerful voice still remain the highlights. For instance, here’s the title track from the band’s upcoming album.

The album comes out on Tuesday, January 21, and it can be purchased on most digital platforms. In the meantime, you can visit Elizabeth & the Catapult’s website (click here) to get more information on the band and upcoming tour dates of this excellent indie band.

Minor Alps

First, I have to give credit to Hollie Daugherty for reminding me about Minor Alps’ terrific debut album, Get There, which was released back in October 2013.  Maybe saying “debut” album is pushing it, as Minor Alps is a collaborative project involving the brilliant Juliana Hatfield and Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws, who wrote all the songs together and played most of the instruments on the album with the exception of drums. The album contains 11 indie pop-folk songs, ranging from the catchy, Belle & Sebastian-esque “Far from the Roses” to the subtle, quiet, ’70s-esque tune “Buried Plans”.

The album in many ways is a brief summary of these two fine artists’ musical careers, which collectively span nearly fifty years. Here’s hoping the two will continue to produce music together in the years ahead.

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