Brooklyn-based, indie-pop trio Hospitality’s upcoming album, Trouble was on our list of albums we were really looking forward to in 2014. Their self-titled 2012 album, Hospitality was a really addicting album, catchy tracks like “Friends of Friends”, “Liberal Arts” and “Betty Wang” kept me coming back for more.

On January 28th, Hospitality will release their second album, Trouble. On Trouble, singer & guitarist Amber Papini, bassist Brian Betancourt and drummer Nathan Michel explore some new musical territory.

Trouble cover
Trouble cover

 Trouble’s first track, “Nightingale” opens up with Papini singing over pop-ish chords, familiar to those who heard Hospitality but quickly, the song turns into a jam that goes deep into some deep psych-rock territory, and it’s awesome. It seems like whenever Hospitality goes into familiar territory, they quickly go off into a groove/jam. Like “Nightingale”,  “I Miss Your Bones” starts out like a catchy Hospitality song, but by the end, the song wouldn’t be too out of place on a Pixies record, with its lengthy guitar solo at the end.  Michel’s drumming is impressive throughout, and there’s an added electronic element. The biggest departure is “Inauguration”, which features synthesizers and a drum machine.

Trouble has a lot more grooves and jams than Hospitality, and Papini’s voice is drenched in reverb, but that only adds to the feeling Hospitality was going for on Trouble. “Last Words”, which is one of my favorite tracks on the record, is almost hypnotic, it’s electronic, jammy, and has a driving bassline that just hooks you in.  Lyrically, Papini is as sharp and witty as ever, singing about feeling out of place in everyday occurrences and life in general.  Hospitality’s new identity is hard to classify, but if you ever wondered what a mix between Real Estate, The Pixies, and mid/late 60’s psych rock would sound like with a female lead singer, this may be as close as we’ll ever get, check out Trouble when it releases next week.

Here’s the first single off of Trouble, “I Miss Your Bones”

Here’s “Rockets and Jets”

And here’s a really cool album trailer featuring a short clip of “Last Words”

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