I had a dream recently about a video store my dad used to take me to. We’d rent a couple of VHS tapes every weekend and sometimes would watch them all, sometimes just one. I had a knack for re-watching a tape I liked a good 50 times over. It is a fond memory of mine but, realistically, is nothing but nostalgia.

Nostalgia is a powerful beast and remembering how things used to be has a strong allure. Listening to Solt Olio by The Velvet Ants filled me with this feeling. I was drawn into reminiscing, without even knowing what I was reminiscing about.

The album feels warm and has a soft groove that it is easy to disappear into. From the very first track, “Find You”, to the last (and best) track, “My Alibi”, Solt Olio surrounds the listener with comfort and familiarity. Part of this appeal stems from the brisk pace of the record and the fact that most of the songs are under four minutes in length and don’t overstay their welcome. This small detail is a welcome change from the current norm in many albums.

Musically, The Velvet Ants are very tight and their sound feels like a mash-up of Pink Floyd and Fastball. The lyrics are well written and the mix is very clean. Each instrument comes in clear, the bass and guitar do a great job of playing off of each other and the drums avoid being overwhelming.

The drawback to the comfort and familiarity this record presents is some songs to tend to blend into each other. It isn’t a fatal flaw for Solt Olio, however, as many of the songs are strong enough to stand out on their own.

Solt Olio isn’t going to redefine the music industry, nor is it meant to. Instead it succeeds at taking you back to a place you feel like you’ve been before. You don’t exactly know what this place is but you like it and hope you never have to leave.

You could read more about The Velvet Ants at: http://velvet-ants.com/

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