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The Revue with TBWNIAS


Meet The Band Whose Name is a Symbol; TBWNIAS for short. They listen to music as seriously as they play it, which isn’t surprising given that the band coalesced around Ottawa’s coolest record store, Birdman Sound. While they’re conscious of their place on a musical continuum that recalls all sorts of cool improvisational/psych business, TBWNIAS effortlessly bend those traditions to their own ends to make a noise that few other artists in Ottawa can even aspire to. Damo Suzuki, an alumnus of Krautrock legends Can, has chosen them to be his backing band on his last two Ottawa tour stops. Nuff said. This episode includes clips from the second of those performances and highlights from a subsequent conversation with TBWNIAS-ers John Westhaver, Nathaniel Hurlow and Bill Guerrero.

Part 1

Part 2



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