Today’s Mundo Musique is dedicated to two musical acts coming out with albums tomorrow – albums that should be part of anyone’s collection.


packad do not engageFor Those Who Like: The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Joan Jett, Savages

Back in September, I had a chance to speak with The Pack A.D. following their performance at the Ottawa Folkfest, at which they were only a couple of hundred of people watching. I remarked at the time that the Vancouver, garage-rock duo were still confronting the “name-recognition” game despite producing four terrific LPs and for having energetic, rambunctious live shows. They are one of Canada’s hidden rock gems, but that may soon change with the release of their new album, Do Not Engage their first with Netwwerk Music Group.

On Do Not Engage, Becky Black (guitar, vocals) and Maya Miller (drums, vocals) have recorded their most anthemic album to date. The music is more composed than past efforts, yet still loud and fierce. There is an element of restraint, however, on some songs, such as “Airborne” and “Rocket”. Others are rock anthems with a catchy chorus, such as “Big Shot” and “Battering Ram”. Then there tracks like “Animal” and “Creepin’ Jenny” that are reminiscent of past efforts with their heavier, gritty rock sound.

Do Not Engage is an album that is more accessible – arguably the duo’s most accessible one to date. While the new fans will flock to buy the album, there’s enough grit and honesty in the album to keep hardcore fans listening.

The Pack A.D will be touring over the next few months in support of the album, including stops in the Ottawa, Montreal, and Kingston areas in March. A link to their tour dates is below.

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MorganDelt_AlbumFor Those Who Like: The Byrds, Pink Floyd, Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, The Pretty Things

On his superb self-titled debut LP, West Coaster Morgan Delt has put together a compilation of psychedelic rock songs, whose trippiness would make many ’60s psych artists proud. The opening track, “Make My Grey Brain Green”, is astounding as it is outstanding, and the song title might well describe how one feels after listening all of the album’s 11 tracks – in a good way of course.

The second song, “Barbarian Kings”, continues to take the listener down the yellow brick with its mellow, trippy melody. The listener is awaken from the haze on the next track – the stellar rock song “Beneath the Black and Purple”. “Mr. Carbon Copy” keeps the pace up that has Delt’s voice whispering behind the shimmering guitar.

Obstacle Eyes” and “Little Zombies” are mid-tempo tunes that maybe slightly confounding yet at the same time infectious.

To truly appreciate this album, one must keep an open mind you in order to appreciate the subtleties and creativity of Delt’s music. The album isn’t just an experience; it’s witnessing the reinvention of a genre that started more than five decades ago.

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