Vintage Vinyl — January 29, 2014 at 12:13 pm

Vintage Vinyl – SMI


The sum total of information on the internet about hip-hop crew SMI is almost entirely limited to one comment on a message board, so that plus the information on the record label is everything I know about them. Written and performed by Simple and Simplicity, with DJ duties handed by Kid Ebony The Light Skin Assassin, “(Hold The) Toe Print (Mailly’s Mix)” was recorded at B.A.T.S. Studio in Ottawa and released on Soul Scape Records in 1992. It’s entirely possible that this 12″ (catalogue # SS001) was the only record released on Soul Scape, which would be a shame because “Toe Print,” built on a sample from Grace Jones’ “La Vie En Rose,” is a totally infectious slice of early-’90s hip-hop, with an easy-going beat tailor-made for long summer afternoons and corny dance instructions lifted from an old record.

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