Into The Dark (Norway)

directed by Thomas Wangsmo

Saturday, February 1st, 9pm,

395 Wellington, National Archives

4th Baltic-Nordic  Film Festival

It’s dark, it’s late, it’s cold. 2000 kilograms of steel glides along shiny pavement. 20 kilograms of steel glides on the same shiny pavement, but at a right angle. Physics ensues. “Into The Dark”, Norway’s entry in this year’s tight eight pack Baltic-Nordic Film Festival, starts with one climax, dissects the repercussions of a nasty accident involving friendly neighbours, before bookending with another climax. It’s a strenuous (on the viewer) study of disaster, coping, white lies, character spiral, and consequences. Brilliantly acted by the four leads, this taut little film creates plenty of food for thought about a life changing event that threatens to destroy everyone in the proximity. If there’s another entry in this fest that will push audiences closer to the edge of their seats, I would be surprised.

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