My Stuff  (Finland)

directed by Petri Luukkainen

Wednesday, February 5th, 9pm,

395 Wellington, National Archives

4th Baltic-Nordic  Film Festival

In an early life crisis, filmmaker Petri Luukkainen decides to ditch all of his worldly possessions, in a storage locker. But instead of heading to the hills in search of communal living, Petri allows himself the trickle luxury of retrieving one item every day, for one year. It’s an interesting experiment of starting without, much like the evolution of our species (Petri begins stark naked), then slowly amassing the necessities needed to sustain life, followed by objects needed for advancement, then pleasure and so on. Expected enlightenment follows (do i really need a smart phone? should I take a shirt or a fridge?), but as survival  yields way to inner fulfillment, Petri finds himself bucking his possessions experiment, instead turning to relationships as his objects of desire. For Petri, it is the conclusion of the experiment that drives his quest, but it is the bumpy journey that makes this a fine film.

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