Californian singer-songwriter Nedelle Torrisi has been making music for a long time. Her parents were musicians, and she has been performing since she was a child.  She’s toured with a bunch of acts, Deerhoof, Destroyer, Magnolia Electric Co, Xiu Xiu, and most recently opened for Julia Holter.  She’s also collaborated with Xiu Xiu, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, and Half-Handed Cloud. Torrisi was a member of The Curtains, and part of the band Cryptacize with Chris Cohen, who was also part of Deerhoof. She was also known simply as Nedelle, and released an album with Thom Moore from The Moore Brothers called Nedelle and Thom. She also spent some time touring with Sufjan Stevens.

In 2013, Torrisi released her self-titled album, Nedelle Torrisi. Torrisi’s music is a cool mix of styles, electronic, ambient, soul and R&B.  The opening track, “Psychic Returns” is electronic, and ambient, with gorgeous harmonies.  The album has some great layered vocals, building and beautiful piano playing.  It takes an interesting disco-ish turn with the catchy “I Love Thousands Every Summer” which has some synth and groovy basslines.  From there, the album stays mostly in that territory, it’s groovy, with some great soul and r&b influenced tracks.  “Can’t Wait” is probably my favorite track on the album, some laid back soul-influenced music with a sexy groove.

If you dig the soul revival that seems to be happening, definitely check out Nedelle Torrisi. Her voice is beautiful and her music is moving.  She’s got one heck of a resume, and it shows with her album, Nedelle Torrisi.  And when she’s not making music, she runs a love advice blog, Advice From Paradise, where she also posts her music.

Check out Nedelle Torrisi in full below, courtesy of Nedelle Torrisi:

Here’s the music video for “Can’t Wait” off of Nedelle Torrisi:

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