31-year-old Annie Erin Clark, mostly recognized by her stage name, St. Vincent, is a baroque pop, art rock indie musician from Oklahoma, United States.  Annie’s stellar vocals accent her eccentric melodies by stringing some of the most beautiful stimulating chord progressions to construct her musical masterpieces. Annie said, “I always look at any instrument as just a tool, an expressive voice to write with.” She experiments with several decorative sounds, instruments and oddities in her music, which only further compliment her mind-provoking music videos. But her concepts run deeper than just the stunning visuals; they also live within her unique lyrics, some telling stories and others preaching much heavier meanings. I look at Annie as a genuine musical influence, creating more than just her own image with her cute curly hairstyles and vintage clothing, but also creating a whole entire style with her bold individuality.

After listening to a few of her songs, her distinct footprint is easy to point out and recognize, but her works are not just ‘repeats’ of each other like some artists’ work. Annie manages to keep her content consistent, yet she keeps it new and amusing. With every single she introduces to the world, Annie always brings something new to the table. She’s been active since 2003, involving five different labels and five different albums, although her musical tendencies started much earlier. She was heavily influenced by her Uncle’s band “Tuck & Patti,” and as a teenager at the time, worked as the bands tour manager. Annie attended the Berklee College of Music for three years before dropping out to fully delve into her destined career. Ever since then, she has been writing, touring and performing, and she never ceases to amaze. We need more artists in today’s industry like Annie Clark.

Watch her video CHEELEADER … and be ready to be amazed:

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