Moonrider  (Denmark)

directed by Daniel Dencik

Saturday, February 8th, 7pm,

395 Wellington, National Archives

4th Baltic-Nordic  Film Festival

Grainy film alert! Grainy film alert! Fans of classic raw sports docs will be in geek heaven here. “Moonrider” mixes choppy, super 8 glory with a trippy soundtrack to tell the tale of one Ramsus Quaade, a young Danish cycling god. A physical demon who shuts off his active brain and uses brute force over smooth technique, to win races before collapsing in a near death experience, Quaade floats well above mere mortals in body and soul. The hypnotic bike sequences, the hypnotic music, the hypnotic interstellar interludes, make for one hypnotic film. Lens flares,  dissolving scenes, focus searches and colour flashes, create an old school, kodak holiday viewing experience. Simply superb.

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